How to get your new 210 Relic!

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How to get your new 210 Relic!

Post by Luca Lovelle on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:03 pm

Step 0: Activate the quest line
As with the 2.0 relic quest, you have to do an initial quest to start the chain. This only needs to be done once. "An Unexpected Proposal" > Idyllshire 5,5 > Rowena. This then sends Gerolt and Ardashir to Azys Lla, where they'll be for you to actually do the quest chain.
Step 1:
Two Options to choose from:
1) Turn in Zeta Weapon (Destroys the weapon)
2) Do FATEs in HW for 18 Luminous Crystals (ATMA Grind but the crystals CAN be obtained on alternate jobs that are not 60)
Step 2:
Do these dungeons (Possibly in order)
(ARR Dungeons can be done unsync'd and weapon only needs to be equipped when you EXIT the dungeon.)
Sastasha (hard)
Qarn (hard)
Keeper of the Lake
The Wanderer's Palace (hard)
Amdapor Keep (hard)
Dusk Vigil
Sohm Al
The Aery
The Vault
Step 3:
Gather 4 new items. Enchanted Rubber, Fast-drying Carboncoat, Fast-acting Allagan catalyst, and divine water. Cristiana at the house of Splendors in Mor Dhona has them.
To get those 4 new items you need 4 HQ crafted items and 20 Unidentifiable bone/ore/shell/seed.
The unidentifiable items (UI from here on) can be obtained:
1) For 13 tokens from Amaljaa/Sylph/Kobold/Sahagin beast tribe vendors. 1 token from each of the level 48 quests; each tribe has a different UI to sell. Vanu Vanu sell all 4 UIs but they are 18 each.
2)680 Poetics/Law per UI (two are available for law, two available for poetics)
3)Treasure Maps: Ore and Shell UI available.
4)Alexander Normal: 1 item per floor, trade 10 for a UI (each floor is tradeable for a different UI). Not sure if everyone gets on or if its rolled for.
If you were to choose just one option from 1-4 (instead of doing a some of each)the grind would look like this:
800 Alex // 1040 Beast tokens // 27,200 Law + 40(or more) HW maps(or 27,200 Poetics)
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