Masterlist of Roleplaying Definitions:

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Masterlist of Roleplaying Definitions:

Post by Luca Lovelle on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:16 pm

I get questions like this a lot, so instead of having pages of asks, I’m just making a huge list. I will add more as I find them! If you have more you’d like to add, send me a message!
General Roleplaying

  • RPG/RP- stands for roleplay game or just roleplay

  • 1x1- a roleplay between two people (hence one by one)

  • Indie/Independent- roleplayers who are not a part of a bigger RPG and roleplay a character they created on their own, with other independent roleplayers

  • Crossover- a roleplay involving two different fandoms (i.e, The Vampire Diaries and The Hunger Games)

  • AU- stands for alternate universe, meaning the roleplay takes place in one

  • FC- stands for face claim, usually a celebrity who represents a character’s face.

  • Affiliates- are other roleplays that one would be associated with, to gain more popularity within the roleplay community

  • OOC/IC: out of character, in character

  • Magic Anon- sometimes called m!anon, it is a suggestion/order by an anon of what your character should do for a certain period of time (i.e, gender swap, turn into a cat/dog)

  • RFP- means removed for privacy, and is most likely seen on an accepted application

  • OC- original character (as in one you write yourself, not the admins)

Roleplay helpers/critics

  • RPH- stands for roleplay helper, and they do not do reviews
  • RPC- stands for roleplay critic, do reviews
  • RPA- stands for roleplay advice, though I’m not sure the difference between them and RPHs
  • Mascot- the “face claim” of an RPCH (mine is Ashley Benson, for example)


  • Ship- a romantic relationship that a roleplayer would support, whether it is canon or not

  • Canon- basically means “official”, that is stated by the admins if it is actually a real ship that they created.

  • Headcanon- a belief that a roleplayer has that did not actually happen.

  • Crackship- an “unusual” ship between two people that would most likely never happen (although we all want it to), like Logan Lerman and myself.

  • OTP- stands for one true pairing, meaning you ship them really hard. Like Logan Lerman and myself.

  • Chemistry- you will most likely see this in auditions, where people say, “I ship x with chemistry” and all it means is that they want their character to be with one that works well with them in interactions and not just by the bio.


  • Para- short for paragraph, “para” is essentially a story between your character and another, describing them interacting together. It’s purpose, in most cases, is for the roleplayer to develop their character’s personality and reflect on their emotions/feelings, and is usually 2-4 paragraphs long.

  • Sample para- is what you write for auditions, so that the admins of the roleplay can decide whether they believe you have captured the character’s personality accurately. 

  • Self para- is a para a roleplayer would write with their character only, meaning nobody would reblog it and add their half. Its purpose is for the roleplayer to develop their character and delve into their thoughts. 


  • Reblog as text- means to reblog the post…as text…

  • Cut your posts- means to delete some of the previous writing in a post so it is not lengthy and doesn’t clog up the dash. 

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