Clinic coming soon!

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Clinic coming soon!

Post by Taifood on Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:31 am

Hi there! Tai here. I know I'm kinda new and hard to get a hold of, but I'm one of those nuisance roleplayers and I have come to infect you all with the super fun make-pretend world of catboys roleplay. So here's a brief idea of my character and what I hope to do:

Tai is an optimistic, well-meaning healer and amateur mechanic. He usually buries himself in aetheric research so he is forced to make a lot of the devices for testing and so forth. He hates killing, believes everyone can be redeemed.

Just a basic good guy type.

His dream is to someday open a clinic of his own and operate from there but in the meantime he might begin seeing patients from the FC house, so that really means I'll be dragging folks back here to the company estate. And so there's a few things he might need help with for a part-time clinic:

-spell/potion components (dead monsters and plants)
-armed escorts into dangerous lands

If any of that appeals to you and you wanna get to know this foofy ball of goodwill then boop me and we can strike up a roleplay!

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Re: Clinic coming soon!

Post by Luca Lovelle on Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:34 pm

He's a wonderful kitty :3
Luca Lovelle

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